Fixed saving scripts when commenting lines by clicking LMB on their numbers. Fixed a few reserved variables: I appreciate your efforts in making this bot, but there are already great bots available on the forum, so I dont see the point in making another bot, unless you make it better than the others. All function keys should be made in braces, for example: Added function to send messages to the application window: Spoiler There are few approaches to skills. When some skills are on cooldown they wont be used , it’s like a spinning wheen hitting skills that has no cooldown effect.

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Fixed the function ‘findwindow’. Added in the uopilog ability to output a string without checkboxes Corrected the probable cause of damage of the configuration file.

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By default it is disabled. Posts Topics Advanced Search. Corrected the uopiot of assigning variables to existing, but not uopilot v2.28 scripts. Added a help from Wikipedia site. Fixed in ‘findimage’ the search for the stored image in the loaded area.

To stop or start manually it is possible by standard shortcuts. As ‘mask’ the “0” is indicated – all cores, or the sum of the following values: Uopiot forgetfulness of the pilot about the sizes at switching from the tab ‘Script’ v22.8 the changed sizes Has corrected display of windows of the pilot at change the sizes of uopilot v2.28 font of system Work above mistakes Has added the command ‘readmem v2.8 adress type size’.


Removed a piece of debug information forgotten recently in the ‘findcolor’. Corrected the size and color yopilot the font “by default” in the command ‘hint’. Has added an opportunity of entering in variable colors of a point, on the given coordinates on the screen, with the help of a keyword Color in the command ‘Get’.

At division the result is approximated to smaller whole. Uopilot v2.28 can be numerical and line. Fixed an exception when working on the handle in the ‘getimage’ command, when the initial coordinates were uopilot v2.28 than the final ones. Added ‘repeat’ cycle formatting in formatting function.

Removed the type of variables when inserting commands into the Lua script from the drop-down menu. Added one more variant of fuzzy string comparison.

[UoPilot][AFK-Script Releases][NT]

Added function to delete stored part of the screen area ‘DeleteImage address ‘. For example ‘set clipboard’. Is displayed on the new tab on the form of help. Fixed saving the image to a file in the ‘SaveImage’ function, indicating the wrong address. If you want ukpilot use pet food aswell. To disable ‘set logging mode uopilot v2.28.


Fixed ‘dir’ in Lua. Slightly corrected the insertion of commands in a script from the context menu. Now i want to release the bot and my script for ppl who wanna take a look at. Fixed output of uopilot v2.28 messages in the log with this option enabled, “Output messages in the The functions return an array table of the elements found and an error code. Fixed the ‘findimage’ and ‘findcolor’.

If such a hotkey already assigned to something, the new appointed, upilot will be disabled before turning off the current. Redid the settings menu in the form. If not the path is specified, is searched in the UoPilot folder.

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The list of words uopilot v2.28 specified in the section “[Highlighter]” in the configuration file of the Uopilot in the parameters hopilot with” List ” will appear when saving settings. Fixed the function ‘windowfromcursor ‘ in Lua, now returns a number.

Added description of changes the “nightly builds” in built-in help in the UOPilot.