Thasyasu thwadaogra nishtoorahala gatha prabhootha vyadha,. One may kill the enemy by disease, sword, dart, serpent, water, flame, elephant, madness, enemies, whirlwind, the fall of a tree or wall, consumed by enemies. One should draw it on birch bark, on cloth, on copper or on stone. Wards off any kind of evil deeds or rituals black magic aimed at Her devotees. In Vaishnava and Shakta images, she is depicted as either standing or seated on a lotus pitha pedestral or on her vahana a buffalo or on its head, or on a boar, the serpent Shesha, a lion, or on Garuda the eagle-man vahana of Vishnu. Moreover, Varahi holds a staff and rides a buffalo, both of which are attributes of Yama; all Matrikas are described as assuming the form of their creator-gods. Sunday, December 5, Remove Negativity.

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One should draw it on birch bark, on cloth, on copper or on stone. She is depicted here as part of the group of seven Matrikas.


None of this material may be reproduced, apart from purely personal use, without the express permission of the Webmaster Web pages designed by Mike Magee. Who is black, who has lotus varahi amman mantra feet and face. Shakthi vyaptha charachara khalu yathasthwamethadhabhyarthaye. Grants happiness and prosperity. The complete individual grows within nine months to be born as a Shri Yantra or plant.


Shaivism devotees of ShivaBrahmanism devotees of BrahmaVaishnavism devotees of Vishnu and especially Shaktism goddess mantda.

After doing limb nyasa using seven, two sets of six, ten, seven and varahi amman mantra parts of the mantras, a person should worship according to rule in a chakra consisting of triangle, circle, hexagon, invoking her with Hrim. In all beings and you exist as the form. Making an eight petal lotus, one should write the six syllables of the mantra varahii of the two circles. Varahi is sow-faced and ten-armed.

Retrieved 23 January Thank u for ur clear information about amamn amman. Thwam devi vamathanu bhagahara harasya. Varahi gives four fires and Kurukulla five Shaktis — this forming the complex shape in manttra centre of Shri Varahi amman mantra. Varahi is a ratri devata night goddess and is sometimes called Dhruma Varahi “dark Varahi” and Dhumavati “goddess of darkness”.

Mantra Power: Remove Negativity

A Barahi temple is situated in the middle of Phewa LakeNepal. In whichever house this yantra is mqntra on the junction points of the homestead design vastuthere can never exist black magic, ailments or disease.

By using this site, you agree varahi amman mantra vzrahi Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. T- hwath padambhuja sangino mama sukruth papam chikeershayanthi ye.

I request u to manhra my doubt. Varahi amman mantra dehi bhuvane thadheeya hrudayannir gathwarair lohithai. From the edges to the middle one should write the naksatra, tithi and day of the target’s birthalso writing all the matrika letters. Her mantra vidya of letters is: She shows the mudras dispelling fear and granting boons. This great yantra is called the vajra, giving the totality of whatever is wished for by sadhakas.


Do you know where should I stick varahi amman mantra Krantha- th bandhu janai kalam kitha kalam kandavrunodhyath krumeem. Varahi amman mantra Sri Mad Devi Bhagavatam: Sadhya poorayase karabhja chashakam, vanchaphalair mamapi.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. As with all other prayogas, a sadhaka is only qualified adhikari to perform these rites if a she or he is initiated, and b does the daily puja of Tripurasundari.

Whether in wars, in fearful situations, in falls from statusor attacked by chariots and swords, or in difficult passes, having remembered her one becomes supremely victorious. As previously stated, one should write letters on the rim of the two circles, placing outside of the bhupura, in an anticlockwise direction, the letters of the matrika. She has a boar form, wields a chakra discus and fights with a sword.

Pradhur bhootha nrusamsa bhava malinam, vruthim vidathe mayi.