These objects are displayed in a hierarchical tree-like directory and can be grouped, copied, cut and inserted as required, making it easy, for example, to transfer measuring templates from one volume data set to another or to a CAD model or to apply it to another data set. For tasks such as reverse engineering, many users need to create a surface model. All renderers support stereo viewing: While these tools follow standard and well established inspection workfl ows, there are an additional set of tools that take validation of your manufactured parts to the next level. Data analysis and measuring functions.

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Al Dean looks at a system aiming to close that loop with CT data.

X-ray and CT aquisition and processing software VGStudio MAX

The 2D view may also be used to create film sequences scrolling through the image stack. It is only with this surface determination on the basis of voxels that vgstudio max precise comparison of actual voxel data and nominal CAD data becomes possible. The software generates a color-coded display of the locations of the weak points directly on the scan of the real component. As before, CAD models may also be imported in. Elsewhere there are tools for those working with foam structures to analyse cell and strut geometries.

Being able to directly compare the dimensions of a part within one software environment is much more efficient than any conventional method.

Clipping and positioning of objects. The system then applies those boundary conditions to your manufactured part, taking into account the actual geometry of the part, and also includes any internal vgstuduo or voids. In the first instance, measurements can be taken to find areas of nonconformance in a typical inspection routine. Related articles Revving up vgstudio max AM Anatomy of a vgstuido The data set is color-coded according to its deviation from the specification.


These can be constructed using a set vgstudio max tools that will be familiar to the more experienced quality engineers.

The Largest Open Access Portal of Nondestructive Testing (NDT)

You can either look for enclosed defects only or also for open defects that have cut through the surface. There provide statistical information on volume data average value, standard deviation, gray value histogramvolume content and surface area of objects or ROIs, but also information on the gray value and position of each individual voxel. Depending on the operating vgstudio max used, animations may be saved in various file formats for presentation or as image stacks for professional post-processing.

Last items in stock! A defect is then not only classified according to its size, but also according to its size in relation to the local wall thickness. Objects may be faded in vgsyudio out, change color or transparency during the film sequence.

What is less well known is that CT scanning has, for a long time, been used vgstudio max the industrial world for inspecting not only the exterior but, more importantly, the interior structure of parts too. When using Advanced Surface Determination, however, the gray values are processed depending on the gray vgstudio max of the surrounding voxels.

There are a number of other modules available that mac step into more advanced processes. This allows you, e.

Tools for a precise separation of individual components of a scanned assembly are available that are based on high accuracy image processing algorithms. Stress concentration can be visualised and the effect of any flaws or pores evaluated — not on an idealised model, but the actual part.


This way we stand a much greater chance of being able to build more efficient forms vgstudio max solve engineering challenges in new and novel ways that take full advantage of new tools and technologies — all the while being able to validate the resultant parts.

VGStudio MAX

Additionally, there are transport phenomena analysis tools that provides permeability, diffusion electrical resistance or thermosconductivity analysis. Thanks to the Multi-Planar Reconstruction MPR method used, the dataset can be scrolled through along any required axis.

In addition, ROIs can be used for the precise alignment of data sets. AM holds many benefits, particularly when it comes to metals. There are a couple of porosity modules, that allow you to locate any vgstudio max, holes, inclusions or voids inside your part quickly. Tract software for multilayer electronics assemblies analyze. All these filters can be applied directly to the voxel data in 3D. This software enables companies to easily run vgstudio max, non-destructive tests in the areas of research, production, and quality approaches to handling large data sets, support of point cloud data, more assurance.

Not only in terms of position, but compactness, size and geometry. Subscriptions free to UK residents. It allows images vgstudio max be copied into other applications or saved in standard image formats at any time and provides easy-to-use animation functions.