It is scheduled that Zugheib records after two months more than one personal song bearing the marks of the brightest poets and composers in Lebanon and the Arab world. Wael Kfoury View on Apple Music. He entered the competition for the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation’s hit TV show Studio el Fan for the season and won best male vocalist, guaranteeing him a recording contract. Its music and lyrics are by my mentor Michel Abboud. The year old is intelligent and insightful and has a unique voice that has been likened to those of great Arab and Lebanese singers. Why do you care for such an issue at a time when you should be focused on your homework and games?

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A strong production company stands by my side.

Wael Kfoury – Hobak 3azab & Ba3younak Kalam [*]

Akhadet El Arar – Single. I was listening to Wadih al-Safi singing his song “Lebanon ya Oatet Sama” on television, so I hummed along and played it on my organ. But the music industry is tough! Inhe returned yet again with the “Wael “, from which he released the pan-Arab World hit single “Bhebbak Ana Ktir”.

After that, my mother wrote down the song’s lyrics and I sang it. Zougheib has paid a visit to the esteemed artist Wadih Al Safi who complemented him on his talent and his artistic potential and wael kfoury hobak azab him to pursue this path. My parents then enrolled me at the conservatory, and I learned to play the lute and had tutors at home. Upon his return from the military, he commenced recording and touring again and during the end of the 20th century and first decade of the 21st, his name became synonymous with hit recordings and awards.


The song speaks about the cedar tree and Lebanon’s beauty and calls for an end to distorting [its image]. What are aazb currently doing at Elie Saba’s studio?

Sar El 7aki His public concerts, civic work, and television and film appearances kept him so busy that he retreated from the recording studio for an extended time beginning in — though his public performances remained almost constant. Rayan cruise Read more on Last. In two months, audiences got to know me because of my big posters and concerts.


Arabic Karaoke 7obbak 3azab wael kfoury

I was six-years old when my family discovered my voice. I will not pretend I am going to specialise in medicine or engineering because I will continue on the music path and reach stardom.

How do you strike a balance between music and school? Why do you care for such an issue at a time when you should be focused on your homework and games?

Wa2il kfoury khedney layk

Wael Kfoury View on Apple Music. He won the title of best singer. If I am traveling, they send it over kfory internet and I follow up with intensive lessons during my free time. It carries an environmental message, calling for the end to urban distortion.

Wael Kfoury – Hobbak 3azab – MP3

I am in the wael kfoury hobak azab grade right now and I am always at the top of my class. He released several albums afterwards, the most notable of which were “Hekayet Aasheq” and “Sa’alouni”. Halla ta Feati – Single. Born Michel Emile Kfoury, the singer began pursuing musical studies as a teen and majored in solfeggio, becoming a music educator in college. Wael kfoury hobak azab most recent album, “Bihen”, was released on October 12, He married and had a family before returning to the studio again for ‘s W.


His first record deal was with Music Box. When did you discover this talent? I like to sing the music of all the big names and I stay away from cheap songs. It pains me to see children in the streets and roads selling flowers and begging. Artist Playlists See All. After the Lebanese people got to know him through music concerts, where he sang songs by Arabic greats, Georges recently entered Elie Saba’s studio to record his first song.

Whose music do you like to sing? Despite his tender years, child prodigy Georges Zgheib knows that following the path of art is a difficult one.