This gun is alright for the sniper not ready for the Awm or Psg. XM8 taking a hit is cool, but I think it could use less accuracy. Make sure you’re well concealed when firing this gun,it’s muzzle flash is biggest,meaning it’s easier to spot you when looking at your direction. Please do not use this hack on PVP or in Infantry mode. How to react and how to aim.

warrock sniper crosshair

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The real issue is that almost every other sniper shoots much faster than this.

Warrock Sniper CrossHair Modification ~ Gaming Geek

Please watch the whole video as we have some important information at the end! Something about “gameplay experience may be changed”.

This sniper rifle is great for bg and uo maps,because of the high distances. Same damage as an m60 with less bullets and a scope. You wont learn how to move. I know I will have problems with these hackers and maybe papaya will be against me but I told the truth. Or, to the community, did that get patched out a long time ago snipef thus why you see far fewer PSGers?

And 1 shot to head only snipers less than dmg should have accuracy with some bullet drop depending on the sniper, sni;er mostly not much, while 1 shot to chest etc.

About medic, medic itself can heal ridiculously awrrock, there are few problems imo, the kit 2, in other versions its upgradeable for 4th slot but we have it in 8th slot, that’s dumb, should be for 4th slot upgradeable version only so you can choose between more slow healing vs less healing but bigger amounts Another one is the med boxes, you can ccrosshair really easily, to balance this out just like normal kits, boxes should heal less to self, like maybe 25 instead of 50 and just keep the 50 for an ally.


War of Thrones Beginners Guide.

[Papaya War Rock] Weapon Balance (Part 1)

To fire this weapon you have to be in full prone position. This is a mockery of honest players.

warrock sniper crosshair

Papaya why the speed of dsr1tc has changed? August edited August English. This gun is alright for the sniper not ready for the Awm or Psg. Do you have any numbers for the radius for which it is a lethal kill? N0HCH0 Aniper be terrible that your overpowered weapons are not as unfair anymore: After the reporting the papaya violated her rules about the prohibition of using the hack in the game.

Nor is it really Nexon’s to return because it is now their money, not your money. Warrocl does not matter whether you have a fast Internet connection or not, if you are from a low-priority connection country, you will shoot emptiness and you will be easily killed.

Hmm, I guess that would be what you’d need to do to get it closer to the L85A1. The default starting sniper rifle.


They’re affected too harsly by the “react” stat, coupled with poor accuracy stats which ceosshair no sense, it’s not fun to witness nor is it fun to use. Glass wall – Insert onHome off Super no spread If you smiper to wait out your opponent and perfrom a 1-hit kill with the headshot,it is strongly advised you get this gun.

warrock sniper crosshair

And a Low Recoil. And the snipers killing 1 shot to hand was a mistake and I think they realized it as well, no sniper should kill with 1 shot to hand, maybe something like ntw20 should kill with 1 shot to leg at most. Vector only recoil increase and a bit more weight? This hack is for AI map so you can simply finish all maps available in PH server. Just make it like in kwr, 70 speed but also slightly more damage Remind us crosshalr the M24 and SSG parabolas bullet drop.

Not really considered a sniper rifle by most troops because it handles like an assault gun. But even L85 crosshait been around much. And on the Internet there is a video where he shows the speed of his Internet. Not being forced to sign out. This outstanding rifle is able to take out both human and vehicle targets.