windows 8 start screen
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Windows 8 – It’s Not That Scary!

windows 8 start screen


I love shiny things. Shiny things that come in the form of something technology related, makes me positively giddy. This is why I now have Windows 8 on my shiny new laptop. I didn’t plan to be using this operating system you see, I had my heart set on the open source goodness that is Ubuntu, however due to compatibility issues, a hoard of children attacking said shiny new laptop (after killing the not so shiny old one) and a stinking cold to boot, I took the easier and shinier route and upgraded to Windows 8.

I’m sorry guys and gals, I’m a PC and I’m not afraid to show it.

Anyhoo once I’d got the internet working (don’t start me with that fiasco. The downside of buying a laptop with no operating system, also means that the drivers are completely out of date, so much googling and hair pulling was done today, until I finally got it working.) So as I was saying, once I’d got it all up and running, had a play around with the new start screen and lack of start menu on the Windows 8 desktop, I thought to myself “What was all the drama llama about?”. You see I’d been hearing so many horror stories of how terrible the operating system is and how it’s incredibly un-user friendly, that I’d almost not bought it. Really though, what is so bad about it?

Take for example, trying to find a particular program.

After taking the screenshot of the above start screen, I went hunting for MS Paint to deposit and save it. Ooh look, no start menu, so how do I find the accessories folder? A quick google and the answer is: When on the start screen, start typing what you’re looking for and it will come up. Simples! So that’s what I did!

windows 8 search for program


There you go – voilà! There is paint, right where it should be. You just need to go via a different route to find it.

After getting over that little hurdle, I can’t say that I’ve found anything I dislike about it.

I love the app store. We are all so familiar with using smartphones, that an app store seems like second nature. Want Google search on your start screen? Grab the app! You can even get Twitter, Facebook, A Calculator and all manner of things to jazz up and personalize it. There are a variety of free and paid for apps to get experimenting with and I imagine that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

windows 8 app store


I’m glad in a way, that I did go for Windows 8 after all. Its sleek design, swift interface and useful apps, brightens up a machine which would have otherwise looked dull. I guess if you’re so used to using a different operating system, then it may take a while to get to grips with but don’t write it off just yet. Give it some time and try it for yourself. I may sound like a complete Microsoft fan-girl and no this is not an advert for them! I’m just saying that it really isn’t as scary as it sounds.

Are you a Windows 8 convert, or are you sticking to your guns and staying clear of it. Is it innovative and useful, or just style over substance? What do you think?

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  1. I got my new laptop a week ago and it has windows 8 and I was dreading it and like you I like it! You need to get used to it, I still look for the start button.. but I’ll stop in time, I’m sure!

    Mich x

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