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So better be in cover all the time once you fire. It’s physics, the side armor of the KV-1 is 75mm so it can withstand penetration until x2 of the armor. While impressive on paper, it had been designed as a slow-moving bunker-buster. Bjorngisli 2 Posted 27 January – Never try shooting a very fast target, it’s very inaccurate when it comes. Get support in order to cover your reload. Introduction Soviet medium tanks.

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On the other hand the armor is good enough to fight with all 5 tier tanks and range of available wor should satisfy all players. The KV-1 is a boxy tank so it is effective angling armor, as it can richochete many common shells from enemy tanks, as long you angle properly, like degrees will be good, whether to the right or to the left.

Bywhen the Germans were fielding large numbers of long-barrelled 50 mm and 75 mm guns, the KV’s armor was no longer invincible.

KV-1 really dull tank? – Gameplay – World of Tanks Blitz official forum

You are a 1 or 2 shot kill from full health to most any T7 tank and now you cannot pen them most of the time when you expose yourself for shots. Great for trading shots if you mv1 weak spots and can reliably pen each one. If shooting at the back with a low penetration gun, aim for the top of the rear side, where the back bulges out, as that only has 50 mm of armor, compared to the 70 mm of the lower rear. Many people prefer this gun due to its fast reload and good penetration and acceptable alpha, giving an average of Wor lost of the gun pen to the enemy tank.


KV-1″ ployd22 January 17, at When facing lower tiered opponents, the KV-1 will easily bounce shells in a frontal battle. The 57mm gun has high rate of fire, high DPM good accuracy, and good aim time with fast reload. Creating account, selecting region, activating codes Dictionary For beginners. Not sure about the weak spots, though. Woy KV’s strengths included armor that was impenetrable by any tank-mounted weapon then in service except at point-blank range, good firepower, and good traction on soft ground.

Only then kvv1 the Germans realize they were under attack, but they failed to find the source of the shots.

KV-1 – Global wiki.

It becomes a beast that dominates at top tier Consider mounting the 57mm if you enjoy a fast fire rate with decent penetration. The past game guide was quite a big improvement to my game guides, but there are still some errors and misinformation to the tank, apologize for that.

Already-high demand for the gun slowed production of the KV tremendously, and only were built before the KV design was replaced. You’re better off getting the KV-1s and the mm, load up 15 rounds of premium ammo and have more fun at any tier than you will in the KV-1 under the same conditions. Thank you for this constructive contribution to my original question.

KV-1 really dull tank?

It’s also of no concern to KV It’s an important step for players to know what is Heavy Tank all about because further into the successors are mostly heavy tanks as well, so they need to know how to use KV-1, esp. What proved to be more difficult to penetrate was the churchill 1, churchill 7, kv-1 at times, the t1 heavy and perhaps a few more.


Back to the original point driving the Kv1 is a different experience from a more mobile tank. Later on, former Captain Zinoviy Kolobanov was again decorated by Soviet authorities, despite having been convicted and downgraded after the Winter War for “fraternizing with the enemy.

You’ll want to play more conservatively of course but you certainly won’t feel any less effective. Level Engine Engine Lv1 h. The vehicle first saw combat in December at the Mannerheim Line. The KV-1 is a Soviet tier 5 heavy tank Most novice players will find the KV-1’s playing style significantly different from what they are used to, having just come out of the T medium tank.

If you are Neo with your armor usage then you’ll be effective with this gun at any ,v1 This topic is locked. The KV-1 is one of the most popular tanks in the game. The KV-1 has a clear weakspot kvv1 the front, the driver’s hatch as you can see there, is vulnerable and when hit your driver is injured or worse dead. On the other hand it has enough rof to easily permatrack foes and or shred sot tier opponents. The angling and sidecraping tactic will be somewhat useless due that the guns are better and bigger, with better pen so when you face them, better stay behind and as I said aim for the weakspots avoid too much fire, and play for battle support.