Your Fourth Birthday: Promise Me This

September 11, 2013

F our years seems like such a long time. Four years ago I waited helpless and sore to see you for the first time, to hold you for the first time and to kiss you for the first time. I remember tubes and wires, so many wires – wires that kept you breathing and fighting – wires that kept you from me yet saved your life simultaneously.

I cried when your eyes first met my own. A fountain of love escaped from me that day and has done each year since then. You were beautiful, you are beautiful – you are a miracle of my own making and without you I simply would not be who I am today.

Each year that has passed, I’ve watched you struggle to keep up. Your sheer thirst for life has inspired me to look at the way I live my own life and so together we have both progressed. We’ve grown to be stronger and happier people – full of adventure and inspiration who lust after knowledge and learning without end. You share my deep fascination with technology and how things work, asking endless questions that sometimes even I don’t know the answer to. You are my son through and through.

At times it has been hard, we both know that. Sometimes I can’t play as much or run around as much but I promise you that I want to. Other times I look at you and wish that I could wrap you up in my arms and never let go, but I know that time is ever turning and that reluctantly I need to let you fly and figure things out for yourself.

So now that you are four please promise me a few things:

  • Live for yourself and strive to enjoy every moment that you have of this life
  • Be kind, even when others behave badly towards you because you are better than that
  • Never spend more than what you have within reason – instead save for the things that you want – it’s much more rewarding
  • Love and cherish your brother and sister. As long as you have each other, you will never be lonely
  • Be the unique individual that I know you will grow to become. No one has the right to tell you who to be
  • Follow your dreams and your passions because they will lead you to happier places

And most importantly, always know that you are loved.

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